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We have a showroom area of 2500 sq. foot with safes on sale. Call to find out more.

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Liberty Safe — Take the Quiz in Reno, NV
Fort Knox Safes — Build Your Fortress in Reno, NV

Protect your valuables from burglary and fire

With 28 years in the business you can rest assured our technicians can professionally, and discreetly, reset the combination to your safe.

Safe Servicing

Is your safe getting hard to open? Sometimes it even takes multiple tries to open! It’s time to have one of our technicians service it for you. We will get it back to its original settings. So there will be no more of those two and three attempts, No more hoping it’s going to open this time. Once our technicians service your safe you can rest assured your valuables are safe and accessible.

Safe opening

Has your safe malfunctioned, stopped opening, or have you forgotten your combination? No problem our technicians can troubleshoot and diagnose the best means of getting it open and working for you.

Safes moved and installed

Alpine Lock And Key has the equipment and the experience to safely move and install your safe. Gun Safes, Jewelry Safes, Vault Doors, Security Chest's No problem we have done them all.

Delivering a safe can be a complicated and difficult process. Alpine Lock And Key has the trained professionals as well as the equipment specifically designed for safes. Even with the proper training and equipment, safes don’t flex, so we need to determine the amount of space needed to allow your safe to fit and our equipment to function. Here are a few easy guidelines to follow.
  • Doorways—must be 0.5” wider than the safe (handle included)
  • Hallways / Stairs—must be 2” wider than the safe (handle included)
  • Up or down Stairs placement –needs to have a landing at the bottom of the stairs that is 12” wider than the safe from the wall to the step. The landing after the top step needs to be 28” wider than the safe from the wall to the step.
  • It is always a good idea to have an alternate location picked out for your safe. Experience has showed us that safes do not always fit where you would prefer them.
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